The Beginning of the End is the first episode of the miniseries Dead and Gone.


It starts out at a party and everyone doing there own thing. It then skips to a couple making out but the girl starts throwing up, the guy asks if she's okay but she continues throwing up but this time it's red. The guy's eyes go wide and asks if he should call 911 but she goes to the bathroom. She pulls up her shirt sleeve and it is revealed she was bitten and falls to the ground.

It then skips to 8 friends Mike (Cody Longo), Kelly (Shanley Caswell), Riley (Shenae Grimes), Robby (Kyle Gallner), Jeff (Chace Crawford), Keith (Beau Mirchoff), Tiffany (Aimee Teegarden) and Tori (Katrina Bowden) drinking beers at a table and the girls go to dance leaving the guys by themselves. Mike sees the girl who was bitten with the bite mark on her hand but she turned into a zombie and attacks Mike. Other zombies enter the party and eat people Jeff then stabs the girl in the head and the guys left to find the girls. They then hear screaming and see Kelly being attacked and Mike stabs the zombie in the head and they leave.

They all leave in Mike's truck and try to find a place to stay. Mike's car runs out of gas and they all walk. Kelly then says that they need to look for weapons but Tiffany and Tori disagree that they shouldn't kill people and Mike says thay they aren't people anymore. A zombie jumps out from a dark alley and attacks Mike. Kelly grabs a crowbar and beats the zombie with it and they hotwire a car and leave.

They then stay at an estate and they split up into groups to see if it's safe. Mike, Kelly , Riley and Jeff are walking around Kelly finds a picture of a family and smiles she then puts it back and a zombie's hand grabs her she screams it's about to kill her but she beats it with the crowbar. Mike, Jeff and Riley find her safe but they then hear Tiffany scream and gunfire, they go to find the others.

They then find them but also find the place overruned and they all run with the zombies chasing after them.

Main CastEdit

Cody Longo as Mike

Shanley Caswell as Kelly

Chace Crawford as Jeff

Beau Mirchoff as Keith

Aimee Teegarden as Tiffany

Katrina Bowden as Tori

Shenae Grimes as Riley

Kyle Gallner as Robby

Darren Kagasoff as Alan

Marielle Jaffe as Katie